4 top resources for work at home parents

4 top resources for work at home parents

When you work from home finding great quality resources can be difficult, especially when there are so many dodgy ones out there. Here are four that have the Support a WAHP stamp of approval: Business Mentoring: Build a Little Biz Karen Gunton specialises in working with little businesses to help them shine and grow. As [...]

How to use Facebook Page messaging to effectively network your business


Has your Facebook page inbox been spammed since the new timeline came into being? My guess is “yes.” Or maybe you’ve sent someone a message and are unsure if it was appropriate or not. Here’s a key pointer to help you figure out how to use Facebook Page messaging to network your business.

Help me achieve my small biz dream

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In 2011, your votes helped a midwife win a $5000 grant from Sunsuper to fund a medical centre in the slums of Kenya. Your votes also helped make midwife Robin Lim the CNN Hero of the year for 2011. Now I need your vote to help me with the Social Media Examiner Small Biz Dream Contest. In 2011, Support a WAHP gave away more than $20,000 in free publicity and promotions to home based businesses and in 2012, I want to do so much more. You can help make it happen.

Why marketing is no longer a one way street

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In a recent news story on the Marketing Daily website, recent research on social media and marketing showed that consumers are changing the state of play in marketing and big businesses are having to totally alter the way they look at marketing.

5 ways to leverage Pinterest for your business

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I’m a self-confessed Pinterestaholic! It’s lots of fun, as any good social networking site should be, but it is also great for small businesses who use social media and here’s why…

WAHPS who mean Business

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How’s your branding? Does your brand image extend across all of your social platforms including your blog, your Facebook Page, your G+ Page and your Twitter Account? Is your message clear and your website search engine optimised? Is your brand visible in the real world as well as the online world? If you have answered no to any of these questions, perhaps you need a bit of help from a business WAHP! A

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Tuesdays is Pets, Photography, food and party plan day but we have some spare spaces so I’ve included a couple of other businesses who really support WAHPs in this post today.

Sharing the real you on your Facebook Page: Photos

front cover photo competition

Whether you’re posting on your own page or others’ pages, it’s not a bad idea to include some images that show you doing your work or something funny that has you in it, a relevant event you’ve been to where you were snapped, anything that shows you are a real person. So to get your [...]

Networking on Facebook to improve engagement


In the past few months there has been a real trend towards trying to gain as many “likers” as possible under the premise that more likers=more prominence, credibility etc. In this article I’d like to talk about the idea of engagement as a networking tool. How can you network with other businesses so that genuine “likes” (and therefore leads) result?