The Biggest Marketing Myth Exposed

marketing myth

If you’ve ever advertised in mainstream media or thought about doing so, this post is for you! The other day, a colleague and I had a meeting with a potential client who is looking to get started with social media. We asked him how much he spent on advertising and I nearly fell off my chair when he told us! He said he was spending up to $15,000 per year on advertising with no discernible return on investment. $15,000!!!!!!

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Spampin (ie. Pinterest Spamming)

5 tips to help you avoid spampin

Pinterest is definitely a great place to share and grow your business, particularly if you are a creative entrepreneur or if you sell other products and services that have visual appeal. However, if you jump in and share without an understanding about how Pinterest works, you will likely turn people off and, even worse, may play a role in killing the platform’s appeal.

10 Reasons Why you Need a Website AND a Facebook Page

where does your business live online?

Why do so many work at home and creative businesses neglect to create a web presence outside of Facebook? If that’s you, then you are missing valuable opportunities to grow your following and your business and you may also fall over if Facebook pulls the rug out from under you. Here are 10 reasons why you should have both a website (that includes a blog or Etsy shop) and a Facebook Page.

In the Spotlight: Enslaved Design

Enslaved Design

My name is Amanda, I am a 29 year old living and working on the Gold Coast. I live with my partner Steven our naughty little 2 year old Cattle Dog Sophie and our beautiful Cat Summer. I fell in love with Graphic Art in 1999 when I produced custom website graphics for clients while finishing High School but my Tertiary Education took me away from my web design and artwork in 2000.

Grow your business

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Just because your business is little, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve the tools to grow it into something really amazing. 50% of small businesses fail in the first year (US SBA), and with home based business being one of the biggest growth sectors in the Western economy, it is crucial that you have the support you need to become a business success story!

Why marketing is no longer a one way street

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In a recent news story on the Marketing Daily website, recent research on social media and marketing showed that consumers are changing the state of play in marketing and big businesses are having to totally alter the way they look at marketing.

Are you busy being busy just for the sake of it?


I respect people who want to DIY their branding and websites etc, after all, that’s exactly what I did. However, to be honest, if you try to DIY and you don’t have the skills to do it, you’re not going to do your business any favours. If you’re serious about growing your business, then you really need to look at hiring specialists as an investment rather than an expense. You wouldn’t expect brain surgeons to offer their services for free so why is it any different with social media or marketing specialists (life-threatening conditions aside)?

Going to market


Whether you make stuff or sell other people’s stuff, or have a service to offer, markets can be a great way to start networking with potential customers and clients. Many markets are trendy affairs these days but there are a lot of them and you need to do your research before deciding which market suits your product range or services the best.

In the Spotlight: Foyster’s Communications

Foyster's Communications

Tell us a little about the person behind the business? My name is Amanda Foy and I am a delightfully happy 40 year old with two primary school age children, a husband and career IP of over 22 years working in large domestic and international corporate businesses. I am also a Reiki practitioner, volunteer for the local soccer club, mentor and awesome friend!

In the Spotlight: Mumpreneurs Online

mumpreneurs online

Tell us a little about the person behind the business? My name is Fiona Lewis and I’m a mum to three boys…I had to help other Mums just like me develop a business they could run from their computer, using the internet. Hence the birth of Mumpreneurs Online. A blog designed to share information about making money on the Internet – specifically targeted towards women.