Running a home based business is hard

running a home based business is hardMany people think that working from home is a piece of cake. Gurus sell the dream of the ultimate work at home lifestyle but it often falls short. Instead of sipping cocktails by a pool bar while surfing through the latest round of adoring fan comments on Facebook, most work at home parents are battling Mt Foldmore, trying to soothe crying babies while answering sales calls. Working from home is not easy! It’s hard.

There is an upside, however, I love that I don’t have commute in heavy traffic. I love that I get to spend more time with my kids and I love that getting lunch means walking 15 paces to the fridge instead of having to spend a small fortune on at cafes and fast food joints.

There are things that home based operators can do to make their lives easier too. For one thing, do you have products you can sell that don’t require your time? Do you have programs you can run that allow you to grow your income without growing the number of hours you work? There are so many opportunities available to budding home based business entrepreneurs these days.

When you have a hard day or a hard week, seek out the company of other work at home parents and encourage each other. Running a home based business can be hard, but when we support each other, the load is somehow easier to bear. Have an awesome week!

Cas McCulloughAbout Cas McCullough

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