Keeping up with Facebook changes

Is edgerank pushing your business off the edge on Facebook?

Facebook is making it harder and harder for pint sized businesses to be seen in newsfeeds. There’s even a petition going around demanding that Facebook change things so that pages can be seen without being promoted. Given that Facebook is unlikely to take such a petition seriously, it’s worth taking some time to assess what you can do to improve your edgerank.

How to use Facebook Page messaging to effectively network your business


Has your Facebook page inbox been spammed since the new timeline came into being? My guess is “yes.” Or maybe you’ve sent someone a message and are unsure if it was appropriate or not. Here’s a key pointer to help you figure out how to use Facebook Page messaging to network your business.

Snap your Facebook chat to the side of the screen

If you’ve been following Facebook’s announcements closely then you’ll know the company announced a new desktop chat application.

Timeline: are you going to use yours for branding?

Daily Dose blog post: Have you got your new Facebook timeline yet?

Have you got your shiny new Facebook timeline yet? Have you thought about how you’re going to use/or not use your timeline for branding? Facebook guru Mari Smith posted a blog article the other day about whether or not business owners, authors and CEO’s should use the timeline banner image to promote their businesses…My opinion is that it really depends on what you do and how you do it.

10,000 celebration!

are we there yet?

Our fan page has nearly reached 10,000 fans! Now, I know that the number of fans isn’t all ‘that’ in the grand scheme of things. However, we do feel like this is a milestone worth celebrating! So, to celebrate, when we do reach 10,000, I’d like to give away…

Guest Post: I miss reading about you… Facebook Statuses


Erin Dawson from Dawson Documents Virtual Assistant posted this terrific blog post on our page the other day and I thought it was important enough for everyone in our newsfeed to read so have asked her if she wanted to guest blog it here on Support a WAHP, to which she said “yes!” If you’ve noticed your page activity quieting down a bit lately, this may be why!

social media helpdesk, page management and beautiful portraits from today’s sponsors


Tuesdays is Pets, Photography, food and party plan day but we have some spare spaces so I’ve included a couple of other businesses who really support WAHPs in this post today.

Why social media marketing is child’s play


I think sometimes we over think how to use social media for our businesses. It is easy to get caught up in the numbers and sales and forget that really, it’s about connecting and conversing, sharing and experimenting.

An overview of the latest facebook changes for business pages

facebook business page changes

By now you would have noticed a few small changes on your Facebook Page but there are some changes you may not have noticed, that you need to be aware of.

What’s your news? Posting on Facebook Pages

posting on facebook pages

On the Support a WAHP Facebook page, many businesses write posts in marketing speak but the problem is that even on Facebook promotional pages such as ours, relational, newsy posts are more likely to get noticed. The purpose of this post is to get you thinking differently about the way you write about your business both on and off Facebook.