About support a wahp

Join the movement to support work at home
parents/people to gain wider recognition
for their businesses, access brilliant small business tips
and resources, and make more money
while living a life they love!

Imagine what could happen if you supported just one other WAHP by:

  • sharing your startup story and tips

  • sharing about them on your business page or profile, twitter account or Pinterest

  • buying from them over a faceless corporation

  • saying something to encourage and inspire them to achieve success!

Now imagine if other WAHPs did all of that for you!
By paying it forward, not only do you feel good
but you also get all that and more in return.

Micro businesses and home based businesses make up about 80% of all businesses in the world! Little businesses are starting up in huge numbers, but they are also failing as fast as they are starting up. We want to turn that around and you can help (and benefit).

support a work at home person. Join the movement to encourage, support and grow little businesses!

To join us and support the movement simply:

  • download a Support a WAHP badge for your website.
  • post about your business under our daily theme posts (Please read our Posting Guidelines before posting on our page wall), on Facebook.
  • sponsor us: Through sponsorships we provide opportunities for WAHPs to gain more recognition for their businesses, we run the annual International Top WAHP Awards and more. We promise to thank you copiously. (https://supportawahp.com/become-a-sponsor)
  • Join as a member for some VIP benefits and resources, and become part of our Inner Circle group on Facebook. (https://supportawahp.com/become-a-member).
  • post your questions, issues and tips on .

Are you wondering how to get more website visitors, social media followers, leads and clients using online marketing?

If sales are slow and your engagement on social media is not leading more people to follow you or buy from you, then we want to help you turn that around!

  • Support a WAHP Inner Circle. The Support a WAHP Inner Circle is a 12 month membership program (renewable annually) to help micro business owners build their networks, gain support and fast answers to their questions, access valuable business building resources through the member portal on Support a WAHP, and stay up-to-date on the latest in social media marketing. This is a quality program with group mentorship by Support a WAHP’s Chief WAHPreneur, Cas McCullough, a great starting point for a micro business owner looking to grow their brand.
  • Micro Business Bootcamp. The Micro Business Bootcamp is a three week intensive, online training program designed especially for micro businesses. This course is about taking action to turn around or establish your brand, quickly and effectively. The Micro Business Bootcamp is offered several times throughout the year as an online training program or as a one day live workshop. Please subscribe to the mailing list or follow us on Facebook to find out when our next round will be offered.
  • One on one mentoring. If you have specific needs, and want some one-on-one mentoring to get your startup off the ground and running, Cas McCullough offers a limited number of places for individual micro business mentoring. Half day VIP workshops start from $997. Contact Cas for more information. If you have a service based startup, are a creative artist or online retailer, this is for you.

Making a little extra income on the side to support the family? If you run a hobby business the following services are for you!

We know that great business ideas can start from a hobby and want to encourage hobby business owners to reach for the stars. So, if that’s you, check our our free services and information on Support a WAHP.

Meet the Team

Cas McCullough

Owner & Director: Cas McCullough

I am passionate about empowering women as mothers through my startup Mumatopia. Also, through my Content Marketing Cardiology consulting and mentoring program, I empower other women solo business owners (and a few enlightened men) to drop the sales pitch and harness the power of content marketing and social media to attract real potential clients and inspire them to become raving, loyal customers and clients. I am the author of Diving In: Practical tips for starting up and growing your home based business and write a regular column on home based startups for www.startupsmart.com.au.

jenni dinsdale

Social Media Community Manager: Jenni Dinsdale

I am a work at home mum based in remote Western Australia. When going to the grocery store means a 2 day round trip, working from home is pretty much the only way to go. In April 2010, I launched PIY Invitations on Facebook and haven’t looked back! I absolutely love creating personalised designs for my kids and friends and often find my inspiration from their favourite games, imagination and mischievous activities.

 Our History

Support a WAHP launched in February 2010 (started-up by Mackay iMum Amanda Powell) with the intention to provide a space for work-at-home parents to gain wider recognition for their businesses and connect with each other. In February, 2011 Cas McCullough bought the business in partnership with Erica Perry (another work-at-home mum). In November, Erica decided she needed to focus on her young family and sold her half of the business back to Cas.

2011 was a massive year of growth for Support a WAHP. The business found its feet and hit the ground running. No more is Support a WAHP just a promotional service for home based hobby businesses. Instead Support a WAHP is the “go to” resource for legitimate home based micro businesses in Australia and internationally.

Cas has gone on to establish Content Marketing Cardiology, a content marketing and brand consultancy and blog, which has been shortlisted for two top business and social media blog awards, despite having only been launch mid 2012.

As Cas’s primary business focus has shifted to mentoring solo businesses through Content Marketing Cardiology, Support a WAHP has now been rebranded as an initiative of  Content Marketing Cardiology.

A quick note

Support a WAHP serves the needs of legitimate home based enterprises. If you run a get rick quick scheme, linking schemes, scams or advertising home biz opportunities without saying what it is you do, this is not the place for you. We also have very high standards when it comes to who can list in our directory. We only accept advertising from family-friendly businesses based in a home office (eg. if you’d be okay with your 6 year old viewing your website).

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