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“I want to work from home but I don’t know where to start.
Can you point me in the right direction?”

“I’ve got a Facebook page but how do I get people to
visit my page and buy my products?”

“I’ve got lots of followers but no-one’s buying.
What can I do to boost sales?”

These are the daily questions people ask me that prompted: Diving In: Practical tips for starting up and growing your home based business.

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Starting a micro business from your dining room table has never been easier within the landscape of social media, but it takes more than a Facebook Page to turn your business into a viable and sustainable enterprise.

So, what happens is, people give up. Don’t be one of them!!!

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) states that more than 50% of all small businesses fail in the first year. Given that 68 percent of all Australian small businesses and 66% of US small businesses are home based enterprises, and that home based enterprises are the fastest growing economic sector in the global economy, this is a travesty.

After taking on Support a WAHP in early 2011, it became clear to me that there were few reliable and credible resources out there for people who work from home. I had to learn everything the hard way, (including how to write and publish an ebook), but you can get a massive head-start with the help of this book, saving you time and money.

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Why listen to me?

I’m Cas McCullough, a work at home mum of three boys, a birth doula, an entrepreneur and a social media and content marketing specialist with more than 20 years experience in developing and implementing media, marketing and communication strategies in industries such as health, NFP, tourism, business banking, major events and the arts.

I started my first home-based business at nine-years-old, making $20 a week selling home-made felt bookmarks and toys for a local craft shop in my then home-town of Hahndorf, South Australia. I have chosen to work from home, mainly for lifestyle reasons.

In 2008 I nearly lost my life after an ectopic pregnancy and it was a wake-up call that I needed to cherish every moment with my growing family and live life to the max. I own two successful businesses: Mumatopia (which I started up myself) and Support a WAHP (which I adopted in February, 2011). Every day I interact with hundreds of people who work from home via our Facebook Page, which has 11,400+ followers. I have learned from the best in the social media business in order to share the most up-to-date, quality information and resources with other WAHPs and every day is spent researching and reading to stay abreast of news in this rapidly changing industry.

This year I also started up a new consultancy and training service to empower other women solo entrepreneurs to ditch the sales pitch and use their unique content to attract and serve their ideal clients through my content marketing cardiology system and I co-created and hosted the Startup Small – Dream Big – Grow Fast international telesummit (August 2012).

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29 reasons why you should read this book

From the Mums Delivery review…

“The Diving In eBook is brilliant.  It has been written well and is easy to understand.  I felt the author was sitting next to me talking it, it was great.  Little did I know what was really involved in running your own business.   I love the tips, references and just the pure honesty of the author.  She writes it in a way that she is talking to you and has a genuine passion to see everyone succeed, but to do it in the right way so that you do succeed. Even down to self care and taking time out for you and your family, just one of the reasons why you chose to run your own business from home.”

Whether you’re a mum starting-up a small craft enterprise or an entrepreneur planning to be the next Richard Branson, “Diving In” provides practical tips and resources to empower the tiniest business to become a roaring success. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • how your reasons for working from home can impact on your success.
  • what type of home based business is right for you?
  • how to spot and steer clear of a scam or anti-social internet business.
  • where to find legitimate work-at-home opportunities.
  • how to ethically align yourself with other businesses.
  • how to write a practical business plan that is not long-winded.
  • how to establish your corporate culture.
  • what factors you need to consider when deciding on a business structure.
  • what factors to consider when looking for accounting software and what packages are available.
  • considerations when you plan for growth.
  • considerations for working around your family and lifestyle needs.
  • how to identify your brand message.
  • how to choose a name.
  • tips for creating your elevator pitch, keyword tags for SEO and brand/corporate identity (trust me, these do relate to each other)
  • reasons why you need to focus on creating a responsive culture?
  • how to keep your great customers and clients coming back.
  • how to planning for unforeseen events, catastrophes and service failures.
  • tips for marketing your business online.
  • tips for marketing your business in the real world.
  • why networking is crucial to your marketing mix and how to go about getting yourself out there.
  • why you should be generating publicity and tips on how to do it.
  • tips for selling your products and services on and offline, selling on consignment and setting up your own online shop.
  • the key social media marketing concepts you will need to master to be a social media success story.
  • how to generate content and feed your followers’ appetite for original content.
  • how to use social media as a networking tool.
  • how to increase your engagement with followers, and generate more shares.
  • why “likes” should not be your ultimate goal on Facebook.
  • tips on interpreting data so you know when to post and how often.
  • how to leverage your Facebook page for sales.

All of these things I have learned through trial and error, reading, researching, formal and informal study. For just $10USD, you can jump-start your home based business and start your success story and save yourself time and money in the process. I look forward to your feedback and, more importantly, on hearing how this book has helped you.

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