Why do you work from home?

why work from home

We all work from home for different reasons but for many of us, it’s so we can gain a greater balance between work and family or so that we can be our own bosses. Whatever your reason, being able to celebrate your choice to work at home is important, and that’s why we launched International WAHP Week.

WAHM Beats Stress with a Book

Leah Borski

This week, I interviewed Leah Borski, author of “Eat to Beat Stress: 10 Super Foods to Prevent Major Symptoms of Stress” about her new ebook, her plans to self-publish a recipe book and ebook publishing for DIYers and WAHMs. Briefly tell us about yourself. My name is Leah Borski, and I’m a WAHM of two. [...]

Inspiration from a former banking senior manager turned online retailer.

Debbie Hatswell from the Story Mama

Cas found out from a former banking senior manager what it’s like to follow your passions and work from home with an active toddler. Be inspired by Story Mama’s, Debbie Hastwell, and get some tips on running a business from home while juggling a family.

If you want to run a home based micro business, persistence is key!

Product Photographer Sarah Pembroke

This week Cas talked to Brisbane-based (Australia) product photographer Sarah Pembroke, about the ups and downs of running a home based business. If you work from home, read Sarah’s interview and be inspired to keep on keeping on, no matter what life throws at you. Tell us about your business. What do you do? I’m [...]

The challenges of relocating your business to a new country

Holistic Homeopathy's Agimary Joseph in Bray Park Brisbane

Ever wonder what it’s like to relocate your business to a whole new country and start over? Well, have a read of this week’s interview with Holistic Homeopathy’s Agimary Joseph as she shares her story in the Kitchen Bench Business Tales. Tell us a little about the person behind the business? I am Agimary, a [...]

Sisters Share Graphic Design Secrets for Small Business

Davina and Caroline in the spotlight

Cas talked to sisters Davina and Caroline about their quest to help bootstrapping businesses wrangle graphic design.

Crafting your hobby into a business

Sarah Lauren owner Janine Evans

This week Cas talked to Janine Evans, owner of Sarah Lauren, which keeps crafter happy with her constant supply of beautiful ribbons. Janine talks about growing your hobby into a business and shares some valuable insights on what it means to be a WAHP.

Do what you love and believe in!

Melinda Thomson It Works Body Wrap Distributor

This week Cas talked to WAHM Melinda Thomson about doing what you love, and putting family first.

From Redundancy To Creating Dream Brands

natalie souprounovich

This week Cas interviewed graphic designer, Natalie Souprounovich. Natalie shares her story of how she started her boutique design business after being made redundant, and her tips for working around family. Tell us a little about the person behind the business? I am a senior level designer with 15 years experience. My passion is designing [...]

Need help with Facebook Contests? Just ask Donna!

donna hamer the queen of fanpage competitions

This week I interviewed Donna Hamer from Fanpage Competitions. Donna shares her inspiring story, awesome tips for WAHPs and her passion for helping small businesses use Facebook to grow their following and client-base.