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Melinda Thomson It Works Body Wrap DistributorThis week Cas talked to WAHM Melinda Thomson about doing what you love, and putting family first.

Tell us a little about the person behind the business?

Hi! My name is Melinda Thomson. I am a busy mum of 2 beautiful girls. My bliss is spending time with my kids, and helping others.

And now a little about the business itself?

I sell some fantastic products that are all about making people look and feel fantastic. The support from the ItWorks! company is fantastic, plus there are plenty of Facebook forums and other support – we are one big happy family!

How did you come up with your business name?

From the main product that takes 45 minutes :)

What made you want to begin a WAH business and how did you get started?

Three things:

  • I wanted more money to do things like go on holiday and spoil my girls
  • I wanted to work from home so I could spend more time with my girls
  • I wanted to do something that helped people

What inspires you to keep your business going?

I love people’s faces when they take their applicator off and see the results – stretch marks almost non existent, skin smoother and toned – it is a magical product :)

Do you have a current best-selling product or service?

The most popular is the Ultimate Body Applicator, which tightens, tones and firms problem areas in 45 minutes! They are all natural and it is not water loss!

How do you advertise your business and which methods have proven more successful?

I have found Facebook by far to be the best way to tell people about the product and what they do. I also signed up for a special website developed by another distributor that works with google keywords etc.

How do you juggle your family and your WAH business? Any tips for other WAHPs?

First and foremost…breathe!

I try to put my girls first, and do most of my work when they are in bed or school.

When I have to spend time away, I make it up to them by doing something they love, like spending the afternoon at the park

And finally, what advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a WAH business?

Research first and foremost – make sure it is something you are interested in and won’t just eat all your money up.

Be prepared for a LOT of hard work, sweat and tears

When things get you down, go take a break and pamper yourself – you’ll come back refreshed and usually find a solution for a problem faster, or are more effective after a short rest.

Do you offer any discounts to Support a WAHP members?

If people want to try just one Ultimate Body Applicator without going through my website, I will give them $5 off for their first order.

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