Why do you work from home?

why work from homeWe all work from home for different reasons but for many of us, it’s so we can gain a greater balance between work and family, or so that we can be our own bosses. Whatever your reason, being able to celebrate your choice to work at home is important, and that’s why we launched International WAHP Week.

It seems that the idea of a home based business as being a get rich quick scheme is way out of date.  Most in our community are either creative or service entrepreneurs.

So, here’s to your fabulous home based business!

Here’s what some of our community members had to say about why they work from home:

Why do you work from home?

Stephanie Holdsworth from Online Exzema, Asthma & Allergy Shop (Central Coast, NSW, Australia):

I am a mother of two beautiful girls, one of which has a number of medical issues, including Anaphylaxis and Eczema. Prior to starting my business, I was a nurse on shift work, which is not conducive to numerous medical appointments and a husband who also shift works. I love that, by working from home, I can be there for my family and have an extremely fulfilling career!

Monique Smart, creator of messpots (New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia)

After a 17 year career in the legal industry, and living in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, my family relocated to semi-rural Tasmania for a tree-change. This gave me the opportunity to pursue my creative side, but in order to give it a chance, this needed to be a home-based operation, as renting even a small shop front would have been financially crippling.

Sadie-Michaela Harris of  GoMoSoLo Ltd UK  and iLocalSearch (Plenee-Jugon, France)

It facilitates the greatest flexibility and minimum overheads.

natalie souprounovichNatalie Souprounovich from Natalie Souprounovich Design Services (Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

I work from home because it makes being a mother easier and because I love to sit in my office and watch the breeze blow through the palm trees.

Kelly Patterson from Affordable Safety Australia – OH&S solutions at affordable prices for Australian Businesses. (Redlands, Qld, Australia)

I decided that I want to maximise my time with my son, but could not afford to drop to my husband’s wage. I developed Affordable Safety Australia as an online OHS resource for Australian Businesses which I can run in-between caring for my son (18 months).

Bron Elliott from BronzBeadz and Glass (Perth, WA, Australia)

Married to a Naval officer, I have had to change jobs every couple of years due to interstate moves. I got to the stage of thinking there must be something I can do to make life easier for me and work from home. Being a qualified accountant, that was the obvious choice, but I continued with my jewellery making, selling to friends and by word of mouth. I then discovered I could make by own glass beads and my passion for working with glass has grown from there. I now have my own studio at home and the journey continues.

Nicole Leedham from Black Coffee Communication (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Because I got sick of banging my head against corporate brick walls and always wanted to be my own boss. That, along with the two hour commute each day and the struggle to actually spend time with my family, meant working at home was my best option! Now I just commute to the fourth bedroom :)

Andrea Chamberlain creator of Boxed Play for Kids (Malanda, Qld, Australia)

I work at home as my children need their mum. I am fortunate to have a husband who supports me and our boys. When I look at my childhood it was my mum being there that was always a reliable part of my growing up. It is also a great opportunity to learn on a small scale and shape the business the way I want it to look, with out the overheads of shop fronts.

Debbie Hatswell from the Story MamaDebbie Hatswell from online bookstore Story Mama (Melbourne, Australia)

As the mother of a three-year-old, I wanted to be able to have a fulfilling career whilst allowing my child to have shorter days in care and participate in community Kindergarten. I also needed flexibility due to a terminal illness in my immediate family over the last 12 months. Working from home has given me all of this, and has meant I am better able to balance working and being a mum.

Jenna McWatters (Point Cook, Australia)

Very cliché, but yes, I work from home so that I am able to spend more time with my little girl and my fiancé, plus I just really want to own my own successful business! With wanting to have more children in the near future, my goal is to build my business from home so that I will be able to have the nice big family. I want and be able to support my family financially. I absolutely love working from home and feel very blessed that I have grasped at the opportunity with both hands!

Rebecca Tham from Bean Sprout Bubba (Bunbury, WA, Australia)

I work at home to allow for a flexible lifestyle while bringing up my young children. Being home based educators, it helps keep life flexible and provides for real life learning opportunities.

Ray Pastoors of LYF Solutions and Vegan Friendly Sneakers (Box Hill, Vic, Australia)

I work from home because it suits me and my lifestyle. I enjoy working from home as I can connect with various people from all walks of life. I also enjoy it because it is often a challenge. Finding new things is a key to success but also reviewing progress is fundamental I find to overall growth.

Alison Dias-Laverty from Photoshow on DVD  (Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

I started working from home in 2008 when my son was born so that I could be with him and guide him in his young life. 5 years later, my daughter was born and I’ve never been so happy working at home doing what I love.

Why do yo work from home? Why not leave a comment and tell us below?

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