Home based business a touching tribute to grieving mums


Work at home mum Tiona Hall shares how heartbreak lead her to startup an inspirational home based business to help grieving mums. Tell us a little of your story? My name is Tiona Hall. At 5am on Tuesday 5th February 2013 I gave birth to a baby boy at home. He was 20 weeks & [...]

Running a home based business is hard

running a home based business is hard

When you have a hard day or a hard week, seek out the company of other work at home parents and encourage each other.

Business mum successfully balances work and life at home

Danni from dnd graphiks shares how she started up as a graphic designer, working from home

This week, Cas talks to Danni Royall-West about the challenges of keeping a balance between work and life, while working from home. Danni shares some awesome business building tips and the inspiration for her home based business journey! Tell us a little about the person behind the business? I am a daughter, a wife, a [...]

Why do you work from home?

why work from home

We all work from home for different reasons but for many of us, it’s so we can gain a greater balance between work and family or so that we can be our own bosses. Whatever your reason, being able to celebrate your choice to work at home is important, and that’s why we launched International WAHP Week.

How to work around your family when working from home

WAHM hours of operation

One of the primary reasons people establish home based businesses is so they can work around their families and enjoy more flexible lifestyles. There are some big advantages to working from home. If you’re a work-at-home mum, you can work around the school schedule without the long commute each day. Dads who work from home can spend more time with their families and for those who aren’t parents, working from home means greater flexibility. Well, that’s the idea anyway.

“Has anyone seen my iphone?”


“Has anyone seen my iphone?” I cry out to the zombies transfixed on the TV. Meanwhile I frantically throw pillows, clothes and last week’s mail around looking for my phone. I finally give up and look for my other phone to call my iphone for the 10th time that morning….

“Mum, you work too much!” The words no work-at-home mum wants to hear!

fun at the Brisbane Winter Festival

“Mum, you work too much!” Those words weren’t exactly what I wanted to hear from my 11-year-old but he was not the only one frustrated by my work load…So when my son blurted out those words, as painful as they were to hear, I knew I had to do something. It was a stark reminder to take breaks, and turn myself off from my work world to be present to my family’s needs. Does anybody else find that difficult?

Kickin’ the goals!

kickin' the goals

I am reading “The Success Principals” by Jack Canfield at the moment and am loving the motivational messages and encouraging words. However, I am up to the chapter on goals and it has left me feeling a little anxious. I’m big on goal setting, always have been, but lately I feel overwhelmed at the idea of committing my goals to paper and giving them a use by date (as Jack recommends in the book).