5 Quick Ways to Ruin Your Email Newsletter

5 quick ways to ruin your email newsletter

It’s easy to write a bad newsletter. Let me show you how. 1. Too long between issues YOU: Newsletters are a nuisance to write. You never know what to say so you push it to one side while you try to think up something brilliant. Evasive action gets you through this month, so you do it again next time. Then just when you’ve perfected your system, one day guilt appears. So you churn out a newsletter and off it goes…

4 Small Business SEO Trends for 2012

seo trends for 2012

In 2012, small business owners need to be aware of search engine optimisation more than ever. This month, Google has announced their new innovation called ‘semantic search’, which means that the search engine now is trying to understand the meaning behind your words and content. Now, more than ever, your content matters, and the demand for unique well written content has never been stronger. So, how can you take advantage of this to give your business and SEO boost?

Who are your prospects likely to buy from: You or your business?

know like trust

There is a reason why interviews on blogs and in the media are so compelling. They increase the “know-like-trust” factor we are so fond of talking about in marketing. Like testimonies, stories that highlight the person behind the business, reach prospects on a whole new level. People love to hear the behind-the-scenes goss about celebrities (ehem, yes, I do read those magazines in the chiropractor’s waiting room) but your prospects want to hear the behind-the-scenes goss about you.

10 Reasons Why you Need a Website AND a Facebook Page

where does your business live online?

Why do so many work at home and creative businesses neglect to create a web presence outside of Facebook? If that’s you, then you are missing valuable opportunities to grow your following and your business and you may also fall over if Facebook pulls the rug out from under you. Here are 10 reasons why you should have both a website (that includes a blog or Etsy shop) and a Facebook Page.