We are rebranding– Here’s the story that lead to the new name “Your Brilliant Un-Career”

Support a WAHP is rebranding. Here's why and what it means for you

When I first took on Support a WAHP, the landscape on Facebook was vastly different. Brand pages were shiny and new and we were all diving in and promoting our businesses the old-fashioned 20th Century way. Well, that landscape changed.

Financial New Year is the perfect time to consider your brand


At this time of year we tend to be focused on organizing our business accounts, looking through our costs & profits, and of course getting everything sorted for our taxes. As you go through your accounts and your records for the financial year of your business, I want you to keep something else in mind: your brand.

In the Spotlight: Hollie Sparrow from Daily Baby Buys


Daily Baby Buys was created in August 2011. I was regularly sending products to the US (another one of my businesses) for the Baby Deal site (they have many) to try and get my product into the US market. I always wondered why we didn’t have anything like that here, so I sat down with my two business partners at the time to nut out the finer details and build the website.

Positioning yourself for success

positioning yourself for success

Did you know that building success in a business isn’t just about the time and money you put into it? The level of your success can come down to the way you position yourself as a person and the mindset you have.

Are you in the mood?


I wonder what school did to us. The emphasis on grammar and spelling without considering self-expression seems to have produced a lot of people who are so worried about misusing a comma that they don’t write anything at all. This is one of my soapbox pieces. I hate the thought that some of you have so much to offer, but it’s all inside you under lock and key and wearing a “Fail” label. Why should we miss out on what you have to say? More importantly, why should you be gagged just because you might misspell a word?

An Important Reminder for all WAHP!

you're doing a great job

Hello! Hi! *Waves to get your attention* Yes I am talking to you, my fellow little biz builder, working from the kitchen table as the kids create chaos around you… listen up. I want to tell you something very important… You are doing a good job.

Why did you become self employed in the first place?


I don’t know about you, but one of the first items on my list of reasons why I should start my own business was “freedom.”…After two and a half years in business I had it pointed out to me today working with a valued friend in the United States that I had just put myself back in jail. Albeit slowly, but none-the-less …jail.

Vote for the winner of the Mother’s Day Photo Contest

mother's day comp banner ad

Meet the 10 finalists in the Mother’s Day Photo Contest and vote for who you want to see on the front cover of our 2012 Mother’s Day Catalogue! The judges had a really tough time choosing between all of the fabulous entries and were literally up all hours of the night trying to come to a consensus. The finalists were chosen according to how well they addressed the entry criteria, the quality of their images, the quality of their descriptions, and their popularity. Now there’s just one last thing to decide….

5 Quick Ways to Ruin Your Email Newsletter

5 quick ways to ruin your email newsletter

It’s easy to write a bad newsletter. Let me show you how. 1. Too long between issues YOU: Newsletters are a nuisance to write. You never know what to say so you push it to one side while you try to think up something brilliant. Evasive action gets you through this month, so you do it again next time. Then just when you’ve perfected your system, one day guilt appears. So you churn out a newsletter and off it goes…

April 2012 Business of the Month In the Spotlight

rascals and ragamuffins

Our April Business of the Month is Rascals & Ragamuffins! Read our interview with Julie below to find out more about this fantastic creative biz. Tell us a little about the person behind the business My name is Julie. I am a mother of two. A (soon to be) wife. A creator. A chocoholic. A lover of books, music and rainy days. I love to travel. I love swimming and the beach. My goal this year is to learn how to surf.