We are rebranding– Here’s the story that lead to the new name “Your Brilliant Un-Career”

Support a WAHP is rebranding. Here's why and what it means for you

When I first took on Support a WAHP, the landscape on Facebook was vastly different. Brand pages were shiny and new and we were all diving in and promoting our businesses the old-fashioned 20th Century way. Well, that landscape changed.

From Recruitment Consultant to Children’s Fashion Label

Neva Niland shares her work at home story

This week, Neva Niland shares her story about leaving behind her job in the recruitment industry to start her own kids’ fashion boutique online.

Gold Coast Mum Helps An Entire Community Through Fair Trade Art Sales


This week we interviewed Yael Maree, an inspiring Gold Coast mum who supports an entire Tanzanian community through her fair trade art sales here in Australia. Tell us a little about the person behind the business? I am an almost 34 year old mother to two incredible kids, Ella and Jimmy, and married to one […]

Mum turns Meen in the name of green business

keylene petit

This week we interviewed the queen of green shopping bags Kaylene Petit.

Mum drops banking career to lead wholesalers to more retail sales!


This week we interviewed the pied piper of lead generation for wholesale businesses, Kim Town. Learn how Kim uses a simple system and boundaries to run her business from home.

Mum leaves behind workplace stress to create new lifestyle business


This week Graphic Designer Nicky Attridge talks about leaving behind workplace stress to create a business you love. Tell us a little about the person behind the business? I am a mum to 2 girls aged 10 and 12, a wife to my wonderful husband of nearly 12 years and a super busy business owner. […]

4 top resources for work at home parents

4 top resources for work at home parents

When you work from home finding great quality resources can be difficult, especially when there are so many dodgy ones out there. Here are four that have the Support a WAHP stamp of approval: Business Mentoring: Build a Little Biz Karen Gunton specialises in working with little businesses to help them shine and grow. As […]

Party plan makes lots of Scents for work at home mum

Party plan make lots of scents for work at home mum Jennifer Hudson

This week we hear from Scentsy consultant Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer shares her story and tips on how to run a successful side-line party plan business while juggling your family and a full time job.

Mum trades kidney for home based drop shipping business


This week Cas interviewed inspirational mum Shirley Potter about a kidney transplant that lead to her work at home drop shipping business. Tell us a little about the person behind the business? I am a mum of three great adult children and married to my loving husband Steve. I’m a geek tech and a lover […]

Home based business a touching tribute to grieving mums


Work at home mum Tiona Hall shares how heartbreak lead her to startup an inspirational home based business to help grieving mums. Tell us a little of your story? My name is Tiona Hall. At 5am on Tuesday 5th February 2013 I gave birth to a baby boy at home. He was 20 weeks & […]