Network Marketers. Business People, Enormous Boobs Or Social Parasites?

car used salesperson selling old car as brand new

Network marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is an incredibly valid method of getting goods and services into the market place in an era where more and more people are disgruntled with the old corporate model and are looking to get out on their own without the overheads of traditional business…There are very few careers that aren’t represented at the upper echelons of success in this industry. So, clearly it works, we’d just prefer that you dropped the cloak and dagger stuff.

Weekend Wrapup (April 15 to 21)

product finds from work at home parents and people this week

This week we released the 2012 Mother’s Day Catalogue (check it out here) featuring 20 fantastic WAHP businesses. Amanda Foy blogged about living the freedom we promised ourselves when we became self-employed and my latest blog post on Startup Smart talked about building a community by employing the High School Musical Principle…. Below is my roundup of what is on offer from our Premium and Longterm Sponsors this week.

Weekend Wrapup (March 25 to 31)

product finds this week

A big week in Facebook land with the implementation of the new Timelines for every everyone today, some cool changes to “groups” and for us, the end of the month, bringing with it the end of round one of the Mother’s Day Photo Contest. The judges will now go and choose their top 10 and we’ll all get to vote for the front cover winner. The new round of voting begins in just a few days so stay tuned. Below is my roundup of what is on offer from our Premium and Longterm Sponsors this week.

The Biggest Marketing Myth Exposed

marketing myth

If you’ve ever advertised in mainstream media or thought about doing so, this post is for you! The other day, a colleague and I had a meeting with a potential client who is looking to get started with social media. We asked him how much he spent on advertising and I nearly fell off my chair when he told us! He said he was spending up to $15,000 per year on advertising with no discernible return on investment. $15,000!!!!!!

4 Small Business SEO Trends for 2012

seo trends for 2012

In 2012, small business owners need to be aware of search engine optimisation more than ever. This month, Google has announced their new innovation called ‘semantic search’, which means that the search engine now is trying to understand the meaning behind your words and content. Now, more than ever, your content matters, and the demand for unique well written content has never been stronger. So, how can you take advantage of this to give your business and SEO boost?

Timeline for Facebook Business Pages: An Overview

Facebook timeline for business pages an overview

Facebook is introducing the Timeline to Business Pages as of March 30th. You can go ahead and preview your page now to get used to the new features. Here are some highlights:?? For a detailed overview view my Youtube video featuring the highlights here!

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Spampin (ie. Pinterest Spamming)

5 tips to help you avoid spampin

Pinterest is definitely a great place to share and grow your business, particularly if you are a creative entrepreneur or if you sell other products and services that have visual appeal. However, if you jump in and share without an understanding about how Pinterest works, you will likely turn people off and, even worse, may play a role in killing the platform’s appeal.

Facebook commerce: What is it and should I use it for my business?

facebook commerce

Late last year Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that “Facebook commerce will be the next thing to really blow up”.

Already, there are a few developers jumping in early to make the most of Facebook’s e-commerce potential, or F-commerce as it’s been coined. While some large retailers jumped in early only to abandon the sales platform soon after, smaller facebook-based businesses may still benefit from F-commerce as it eliminates a step in the selling process and is a tidier option than selling through a photo album.

10 Reasons Why you Need a Website AND a Facebook Page

where does your business live online?

Why do so many work at home and creative businesses neglect to create a web presence outside of Facebook? If that’s you, then you are missing valuable opportunities to grow your following and your business and you may also fall over if Facebook pulls the rug out from under you. Here are 10 reasons why you should have both a website (that includes a blog or Etsy shop) and a Facebook Page.

Grow your business

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Just because your business is little, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve the tools to grow it into something really amazing. 50% of small businesses fail in the first year (US SBA), and with home based business being one of the biggest growth sectors in the Western economy, it is crucial that you have the support you need to become a business success story!