An Important Reminder for all WAHP!

WAHPs, you're doing a great job

Hello! Hi! *Waves to get your attention*

Yes I am talking to you, my fellow little biz builder, working from the kitchen table as the kids create chaos around you… listen up. I want to tell you something very important…

You are doing a good job.

No, no buts. I am well aware that you have like a zillion things on your “to do” list. You probably have a few eBooks or email courses that you are meaning to read so that you can make your little biz better. You are probably stressing about the last 5 articles you read that told you the top 5 things you are doing wrong with your biz. You probably feel like you have no work/life balance at all. And I am sure you feel like there are too many things to do and not enough time.

It’s OKAY. You are still doing a good job.

You are following a dream, tenaciously. You are showing your children what it means to work hard and do something that makes you happy. You are providing for your family. You are doing something you love, something that matters to people.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed by all of the advice and “Should Dos” and “Must Dos” and “God forbid, whatever you do, Don’t Do Thats”. Don’t get me wrong, the advice is helpful. (I hope it is helpful, I write some of it myself.) But sometimes, especially when there is too much of it at once, it throws us off course. It makes us feel like we are ‘not good enough’ and possibly never will be. It makes us want to crawl back into bed and hide from that to do list.

So I just want to remind you, you are doing a good job.

It’s okay if you don’t do everything you read that you should do. It’s okay if you don’t do the same things all of the other biz builders are doing. It’s okay if your business isn’t absolutely perfect and where you wish it was. It’s okay if what you are doing is a work in progress. It’s okay if you do things your way because it is more fun, your customers like it better, or your gut is screaming at you that is what you need to do right now. It’s okay if you can’t get it all done, right now, at once.

Are you doing something to build your biz? You are doing more than what many people do, who have the dream but never give it a go!

So stop. Take a deep breath. And try this…?

1. Consider one thing you LOVE doing for your biz.

Maybe it is making your product. Maybe it is talking to customers. Maybe it is helping someone with your expertise. Whatever it is, forget about the rest of the giant to do list for awhile and book in time to do that thing. Today. Everyday.

2. Go read some of the great feedback you have already received from your customers or clients.

Make a little folder of those emails or thank you cards or facebook comments. Be reminded that what you do matters to people, and that you are doing a good job.

3. Pick one thing, just one, from that to do list that will help you build or grow or improve your biz.

Focus on that. Stick it up on your wall in big letters so you can keep your eye on the ball. You don’t have to do everything. You just have to do one thing at a time, and do it well.

In the meantime, remember…

You are doing a good job. You wouldn’t have started a biz if you didn’t have something amazing to offer others.

You are doing something and that is more than a lot of people do.

It will all get done. One month from now, one year from now, you will be ahead of where you are now. Just keep marching on, one foot in front of the other.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to spend the rest of my day doing the stuff I really love, the stuff that got me starting my biz in the first place…

About Karen Gunton

karen gunton is a blogger, photographer, designer & champion of women in biz with her sites & she delivers genuine, concrete help to little biz builders every week with her newsletter the toolbox - her favorite thing to hear from subscribers is that the toolbox is better than the weekend paper, and goes perfectly with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine for some awesome weekend reading.

  • Karen, this is a great post! And so true!! I always think of business advice the same way I think of parenting advice – I want to know it all so I can pick and chose what applies to me and what works for my family! I think this is a really important message and it made me feel better about my insanely long to do list today! so Thank you!

    • thank you elle for taking the time to comment. that is such a good analogy! i do that with parenting advice (and biz advice) too – read it all, pick out the stuff that will work for me, and not judge anyone else for doing what works for them. when you think about it like that it definitely feels less overwhelming =)

      • Kendramc1

        how do you find something legitimate? I’m looking to work from home, but don’t know where to start. I have an Associates Degree in Healthcare Administration. TIA!

  • OolaKelly

    This is a very inspiring post to start the day. Thanks so much for cheering us on and reminding us to cheer ourselves on. 

    • you are very welcome, i am glad this was a great start to your day. we all need cheer leaders, it is one of the things i like to do best =)

  • Alex

    Oh, you just said all the right things!!! I forgot that there are many women/mums/soloists out there who feel exactly the same way as I do sometimes. Overwhelmed but so totally loving it! Thank you!

    • isn’t it good to know you are not alone? sometimes that is half the battle! keep marching on alex =)