Timeline for Facebook Business Pages: An Overview

Are you ready for Facebook's new business page timeline?

For a detailed overview view my Youtube video featuring the highlights here! 

Facebook is introducing the Timeline to Business Pages as of March 30th. You can go ahead and preview your page now to get used to the new features. Here are some highlights:

1. No more landing tabs! (and importantly, no “like” button above  the landing tabs… you’ll need to integrate these into your app tabs). Tabs, likes and apps now sit in a box at the top which you can expand or contract. When you click on a tab, it takes up the whole window. You can only have 12 apps showing at any one time.

2. You cannot put Call to Actions and Ads in your cover image. You cannot even put contact information, and website addresses in your cover image.? Here are a couple of  links to Facebook’s policy on the use of the cover image:

Facebook timeline for business pages an overview

3. Your profile pic is square (max size is 180X180)

4. Your cover image space is 815 wide X300 high.

5. Your photo strip is gone and replaced with the app strip. You can use some of these for call to actions (up to 12 apps are viewable). Check with your app developer first before implementing changes. See what I’ve done on the Mumatopia Timeline here for an idea of what you can do.

6. You can pin important posts to the top of your timeline.? This is a great feature if you want to emphasise something and don’t like repeating yourself a zillion times.

7. You can view your admin panel above your timeline rather than on a separate page.

8. Your app tabs (ie. your welcome tab etc) can be much wider (up to 815 wide).

9. Other people’s posts sit in summary on your timeline and you have to click through to see the whole post thread.? The new timeline layout will dramatically change the nature of pages, especially for promotional pages. Other people’s posts on your wall will not be as noticeable or visible to visitors. To see all recent posts by others you need to click on “See All”.  When you click on the X you can choose between hiding or highlighting a post on your timeline. If you want to “like” a post or respond, you need to open up into full view.

10. No “Like” button above in app tabs. It sits at the top of your timeline next to “photos”.

11. If a friend posts about your business, you’ll see that on your timeline.

12. You can see people’s messages to you in the Admin panel. **Messaging feature is new!**

13. You can fill in your about tab in a lot more detail, but you’ll need to put your web address in your profile image as it doesn’t show by default.

14. Like on the Profile Timeline, people can view your history using the month and year options on the rh side of your page.

15. Interest Lists: Start an interest list to see a special news feed of related posts. You can do this through your personal profile and promote the lists on your page by sharing the link.

There are many more features to be added to the list, I am sure. So, be sure to subscribe to my newsfeed for more updates this month.

Until next time… Cas

  • http://www.wahm.com.au Leah Gibbs

    I like what you have done with Mumatopia page Cas and thanks for an informative article
    What are the image sizes of your Apps on the Home Page?
    Cheers Leah

    • https://supportawahp.com Cas

      Thanks Leah! It was a bit of a guess but I sized them at 150w X 100 h.