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Support a WAHP offers FREE and affordable opportunities for work at home people to promote their home based businesses. In 2011 Support a WAHP gave away more than $20,000 in free publicity and promotions to work at home businesses. Below is a list of ways you can promote your business via Support a WAHP. Please email us at advertising @ if you have any questions.

Become an Advertising Sponsor

Our Performance in 2011

  • Average Unique Visits to the website per month: 20,939
  • Average Unique Page Views per month: 54,377 (increased significantly in the last quarter)
  • Average hits per month: 506,883
  • Increased our Facebook Page fanbase from 7,000 to 10,000.
  • Increased our subscriber base from 260 to 600 via our email list and website & RSS subscribers.
  • Website sidebar advertisers enjoyed between 300 to 1000 click-throughs each to their websites over a 12 month period.
  • Our Competitions were well supported with more than 1000 people voting in last year’s Top WAHP Awards and more than 500 voting in the Mother’s Day Catalogue Competition. On average, 30-50 people voted per In the Spotlight Competition. Some weeks saw more than 250 votes, depending how actively businesses promoted their entries.
  • We also have approx. 75 financial members (membership program launched in September 2011) and more than 800 businesses listed on our directory.
  • Some advertisers had more than 1000 click throughs from our targeted, niche market over a 12 month period.

We will be phasing in new advertising packages in 2012. Email us to request a media kit a check out our Testimonials page to see what our advertisers have to say about our services.

Promote your business for FREE on our Facebook Page (be sure to check our Posting Guidelines)

How do you get your business name out there on Facebook? A great place to start is by ‘liking’ our Facebook page. This page now has thousands of fans and the way it works is by you posting your business details on the Wall (including @tagging your Facebook page if you have one) which may then be given a “shoutout” that goes out to all fans. The idea is that our fans then visit your page from our link and become a fan themselves, boosting your fan numbers and hopefully your sales with them! Remember though, if we @tag your business name in a shoutout, it will also appear on your business page. We get hundreds of posts per day so shoutouts are not guaranteed unless you are a sponsor. For information on sponsorship, click here.

Promote your business in our WAHP Business Directory

“Being a Support A WAHP member has given me access to an invaluable network of intelligent, hardworking individuals who never hesitate to lend a hand to solve a problem. Our many discussions have provided me with much needed inspiration, technical as well as emotional support in my WAH venture.” Professional Member Jenni Dinsdale from PIY Invitations.

Join for free or enjoy more listing options and member benefits via one of our paid listing and membership packages. Our website offers an affordable and practical solution for promoting your home or internet-based business and networking with other businesses. Make sure you’re a “liker” on our Facebook page as well. We now have more than 10,000 followers on Facebook and our website attracts thousands of visitors per month!

Sponsored Blog Posts

Blog posts about for-profit events, product launches and reviews can be booked with Support a WAHP for inclusion on our blog. Event posts will be featured in prime position, in a separate section on the front page of the website as well as on the blog menu. Posts are charged per quoted word count. That is, if you want a 250 word blog post, it costs $250. If we go over that, we don’t charge any more. Sponsored blog posts will have [Sponsored] after the title to distinguish them from regular blog posts as our policy is to disclose all purchased content and affiliate programs. Good quality images must be supplied to us in jpg, PNG or gif format.

Enter our regular In the Spotlight Interview Competition.

This competition to win an ‘In the Spotlight’ interview (valued at $500) on our website is open to all home/internet based businesses. We use to choose FIVE businesses from the Competition List. These businesses will then be added to a poll on the Support a WAHP website homepage for people to vote on the business they’d most like to see ‘In the Spotlight’. For further information on our In the Spotlight competition click here!

Enter Seasonal Promotions and Competitions

Enter seasonal competitions and our Top WAHP Awards (announced in our newsletter and on our blog) to gain significant recognition for your business. In 2011, our promotional campaigns were highly successful. Here’s a run down:

  • Mother’s Day catalogue competition: More than 500 votes in a week
  • Mother’s Day Catalogue Campaign: More than 5,000 page views in a week
  • 2011 Top WAHP Awards: More than 1000 votes in a week
  • Christmas E-zine campaign: More than 20,000 page views in a month
  • Publicity in the mainstream media followed each of these promotions.

List Your Business on our Topsites Page

You can promote your business for FREE on our Topsites page. The Topsites page works on a ranking system. When you register, you receive a code to add to your website which displays a Support a WAHP logo. When people click on this logo from your website, they are essentially ‘voting’ for your site and that adds to your daily hits, bumping you up the list to the top. Obviously the top listed businesses are the ones that are going to be seen first so that’s where you want your business to be! You can read more about our Topsites here.

Add your Discounts and Offers to our Discounts and Offers Page.

 Show your support for the work at home community by offering special deals on your products and services for WAHPs and promote your business at the same time. Win Win!

Coming soon…

Certification Program

In 2012 we are implementing a Support a WAHP Certified program so people can easily identify legitimate and family-friendly home based businesses. Businesses will need to apply for certification and there will be various levels of certification. More details will be forthcoming about this soon. Our aim is to increase awareness of the diversity and quality of home based businesses and provide certified businesses with a competitive edge. Applicants will need to pay a once-off nominal fee to cover administration costs. Details will be announced in our newsletter and on the blog.