Guest Post: I miss reading about you… Facebook Statuses


Erin Dawson from Dawson Documents Virtual Assistant posted this terrific blog post on our page the other day and I thought it was important enough for everyone in our newsfeed to read so have asked her if she wanted to guest blog it here on Support a WAHP, to which she said “yes!” If you’ve noticed your page activity quieting down a bit lately, this may be why!

How to keep your great customers and clients coming back


In the age of social media, customer feedback is instantaneous and if a client has a negative experience, they’ll spread the news faster than you can boot up your iMac. It is, therefore, imperitive that you establish processes to ensure you respond to requests, questions, problems, set-backs and stuff-ups appropriately and in a timely manner. Creating a responsive culture can enhance your reputation, profitability and, importantly, the longevity of your client relationships.

An overview of the latest facebook changes for business pages

facebook business page changes

By now you would have noticed a few small changes on your Facebook Page but there are some changes you may not have noticed, that you need to be aware of.

What’s your news? Posting on Facebook Pages

posting on facebook pages

On the Support a WAHP Facebook page, many businesses write posts in marketing speak but the problem is that even on Facebook promotional pages such as ours, relational, newsy posts are more likely to get noticed. The purpose of this post is to get you thinking differently about the way you write about your business both on and off Facebook.

Networking on Facebook to improve engagement


In the past few months there has been a real trend towards trying to gain as many “likers” as possible under the premise that more likers=more prominence, credibility etc. In this article I’d like to talk about the idea of engagement as a networking tool. How can you network with other businesses so that genuine “likes” (and therefore leads) result?

Converting clicks into sales


Guest blogger and Support a WAHP Advisory Panel Member Amanda Lapthorne gives some tips on how to convert clicks into sales. Amanda is the owner of two terrific work-at-home businesses: iliv Cards and WAHM Websites.

Blogging when you’re not confident with words

sea of words

A business colleague of mine recently expressed frustration that he had to rely on others to write blog posts and Facebook status updates for him as he wasn’t a confident writer. He felt he couldn’t blog or engage in social media effectively as a result. So, today I thought I’d share some tips on blogging when […]

Sourcing products for a party plan business


A few weeks ago a fan wrote to us asking us if we had any advice on how to source merchandise for a homewares party plan business. As neither Erica or I sell party plan homewares, we thought it would be a good idea to take that question to WAHPs following our Facebook page. One of the businesses that responded to our call out for help, sent us this…

Going to market


Whether you make stuff or sell other people’s stuff, or have a service to offer, markets can be a great way to start networking with potential customers and clients. Many markets are trendy affairs these days but there are a lot of them and you need to do your research before deciding which market suits your product range or services the best.

What’s to like? Liking etiquette tips for Facebook

liking etiquette

In the wake of the drama surrounding Facebook suspending businesses from posting on other pages, we thought it might be helpful to give you a few tips on “liking” etiquette, because if you’re not careful, a lack of thought in how you interact with other Facebook pages could be detrimental to your business.