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Looking for a better option to your skincare, make-up or health? Look no further than German Care by LR Health & Beauty Systems. We understand the fuss and confusion when it comes to finding and switching to the right brand. We make a promise that this will be the last switch you’ll ever need.

The reason we can stay true to that promise is because of our 25 plus years of success in being a leader of health and beauty products for Europe. We’ve listened to consumers, and each and every day we’re committed to testing, researching and developing new innovative solutions for your every day or long-term needs.

The Beauty Is In The Details
We don’t test on animals and never use animal by-products. We refuse to use chemicals which are linked to cancer or harm to the skin or human body. That’s why all our products are regulated by us, as well as by exclusive independent organisations like Dermatest GmBH and The International Aloe Science Council.
European Certified & Regulated
The European Union is known for many things. Worldwide it is known for its strict guidelines on cosmetic products. Unlike other nations including the US, New Zealand and Australia – the EU has banned thousands of ingredients which have been found to cause harm to the body or be linked to an increase risk of cancer. What’s disturbing though – many of these ingredients are found in Australian, NZ and US supermarkets today.

Our Promise
We deliver on quality and innovation. Try us, we dare you! And if you’re not totally convinced by our top notch 100% German Made product, we’ll give you a refund or replacement within 60 days of the purchase.

All our products come with a 60 day guarantee and are Certified by European Cosmetic Guidelines.

Why not ask us about our rewarding opportunity as well? Now in 32 countries!


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