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Handmade Tutu’s

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Handmade Tutu’s was born from a Work At Home mum of 2 daughters. I made a Tutu for my 4 year old daughter, and she just LOVED it!
Then she was asking for different colour tutu’s, so I made her a few more. Whenever a little friend of hers came around for a play, they would get out the tutu’s and play with them on all day.
This is when I realised ALL little girls love tutu’s. They are perfect for play, dance and special occasions, and so Handmade Tutu’s was born in October 2011.
Each and every one of my special custom tutus is handcrafted and made to perfection with buttery soft tulle for dreams made to last a lifetime. Little girls are only only young once so dazzle her with a Handmade Tutu and let her imagination run wild in her own little fairytale land. You’ll be glad you did!
Owner / Designer
Leigh x



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