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As Your Child Grows is a delightful customer oriented online one stop shop where we hope you will find all that you need to make your babies and children happy, as well as spoiling mums and even dads!

Leonie and Susie, mother and daughter, creators of As Your Child Grows, have a long held vision of being able to bring you all the things you need at the lowest possible cost, without compromising on quality, and altogether in one place.

In addition, we are committed to finding the most amazing locally created products and supporting local small producers and suppliers, some of which are stay at home mums using their creativity to produce fantastic products that we love sharing with you.

We work hard to bring you carefully selected and amazing brands – including handmade and boutique – like Jellystone; Sukie; Ka-Boosh; Bambooty; IssyBear Nappies; Sapling; Natural Baby Care; Small Batch Soap Cakes; Bamboo Bubby and many many more.

Here you will find everything any family needs at affordable prices without compromising on quality. We stock those important “must haves” for a new baby, gifts for mums and dads as well as organic cotton clothing, things to brighten your little ones rooms, comforters to help your baby sleep, modern cloth nappies, pram accessories, teething jewellery, craft items, cookie cutters and many more.

We have devoted many hours searching for the right suppliers and products that were unique, different but most of all a must have item – at the best possible prices – so we could share them with you!

We continue to spend every spare minute searching for new things to share and only those that pass our exceptionally high standards get considered.

Most are tested by our own cheeky little monkey or ourselves before we sell them to you!

If you’re looking for something specific that we don’t have yet or have any feedback about your experience with us, please let us know. We are here to make your life easier!!

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook – it is where we’ll keep you updated on all our newest and best products, any clearance lines, and super specials.

Enjoy your visit and please come back soon!

Leonie & Susie x 


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