December Business of the Month 2011

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December Business of the Month 2011

Welcome to our December Business of the Month: The Karma Soap Company


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My name is Felicity O’Donohue and I’m a single WAHM to 2 energetic little boys. I have been a SAHM since before the birth of my first son. Although I had thought about going back to work that in itself proved near impossible, however the thought of working for myself really appealed to me.

I have always loved giving the ‘gift of handmade’ to family and friends over the years. I have always loved the challenge of finding something different to make each year.

The idea of making soap has always appealed to me, I just never really had the time to delve into it, until 2010.

After receiving so many compliments from my handmade soaps as Christmas gifts to family and friends in 2010 I started to consider starting my own business. I did a lot of research and then a little more!

I was so hesitant to even think about going into business for myself in case I didn’t succeed. What inspired me was receiving such great feedback about my products, then I started to hear all the heart-wrenching stories of people, especially babies and children, who have skin conditions such as Eczema and Dermatitis. I still shed a little tear when I hear these stories.

I wanted to create a soap that was appealing in every way it can possibly be. Appealing to the eye, Appealing to the nose and of course Appealing to the body. The decision to make my soaps with a goats milk base was easy as I knew of the benefits of using goats milk soaps. I could also see a gap in the market as I could not find a huge range of colourful and scented soaps from the one supplier. Always wanting to supply my customers with the highest quality products, using FRESH goats milk in my soaps was not something I was not willing to negotiate on.

Making soaps is all about planning as each soap needs to ‘cure’ for a minimum of four weeks before using it. It has also been difficult for me to project sales throughout my first year of business. I have overcome this issue with a soap making frenzy and stocking A LOT of soaps that are now ready to sell and waiting to go to new homes!

I love everything about my business from the design of new soaps to the receiving of fabulous feedback. I would have to say my favourite favourite thing would be talking to people about the benefits of using Goats Milk soaps and the difference they will notice with their skin.

Within every aspect of any business, I have had to make decisions in which define me, as a person and a business. Like I said before, some decisions were non-negiatable. Like using FRESH Goats Milk. Along with that, I was not willing to contribute to landfill with the effect excessive packaging would have. So with that in mind I made a conscious decision to send all internet orders packaged in a recycled box and packing to minimise our environmental impact. Some people may like this others may not, however I always make sure the orders are packed well and arrive undamaged.

I am getting very close to celebrating my 1 year trading anniversary, and this is a huge thing for me. If you have a business dream, all I can say is go for it! You won’t know unless you try it. My only advice is to surround yourself with like-minded and positive people, believe in yourself and your product and above all have a blast running your own business, just like me!!

I have met some amazing people on my business journey and I cannot wait to meet a lot more of you.

Merry Christmas everyone, I wish you all a safe and happy time with your family and friends.







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